Food professionals—a mental health survey


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5 thoughts on “Food professionals—a mental health survey”

  1. People don’t understand how hard this biz is and how little we make. I love to cook for other but don’t deserve this stress for practicly minimum wage

  2. I’m a 19 year old woman, been working in a kitchen for three years. Made CDP at my first job and moved to my second job as 3rd cook and yesterday I burst into tears after working a 70 hour week. I am doing so well but it so goddamn hard and no one understands. Comment if you have any advice. I’m young and small and new. Be kind.

    1. Remember 2things, 1st it’s only food, we are chefs not super heroes, we don’t save lives. Yes absolutely give it your all but save some for you and yours, So deal with a fuck up, learn and move on. 2 if some dickhead chef is balling you out thinking he IS some sort of super hero, remember this, those that shout are NOT in control. When did you ever hear Obama (I’m guessing your American)shout for respect ?? Take care, oh and by the way being female or small is irelavant, fuck the haters only you can control how they make you feel x

    2. Your passion is your power
      Your perspective is yours what you make of it
      Think of why you are really in catering and know it
      Other chefs will understand other “people” likely will not.
      It will not get easier, if it did you would get bored.
      You are doing really well congratulations!
      If you love it fight for it.

  3. I’m 43 and have been grinding I kitchens since 1988. I’m a very successful chef, I run three restaurants, I just opened a beautiful one in my hometown. I have people from my past and “friends” tell me how proud they are to know me and how great I’ve done. (All of us know those people) I’ve succeeded at being a chef, but, I have failed horribly at life. It’s a tough day when you realize that everything you’ve done, everything you bled for doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of life. Until recently, I’ve never taken a vacation, aside from work functions I’d never volunteered for anything, I drink and smoke way to much. This was my failed life, until recently. My stress level got to be so much that I’m on heavy medication to keep my blood pressure in a safe zone. Thanks to a couple of good friends and a saint of a wife I finally said fuck it, I’m doing what I want. So I told the owners I’m taking a vacation. To my surprise they said okay and it’s about time. The four of us went to Mexico. Now every six months I leave on vacation. My fourth is coming up soon. I’m trying to make up for lost time. With another friend I’ve started volunteering and stepping away from the restaurant. It feels good to help someone who really needs it. To be able to use a skill I’ve developed over nearly thirty years and use it to put a smile on someone else’s face, to look into their eyes and see gratitude for being there for them. I quit smoking two months ago, cold turkey, I joined a small (but fantastic) gym and I’m in the best shape of my life. My doctor told me he is going to take me off my blood pressure medication. I still drink, but only once every couple of weeks. At 43, I’m finally starting the race of life. I waited too long and I’m sorry I did. I encourage everyone in the industry to take back your life. We don’t think there is time for us to do these things, but there is, we just need to do it. Tomorrow is never guaranteed so make today count for yourself. Start to win at life, the success will come in a different form and it will be worth it.

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