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Still Here

Good humans, I sometimes hear that folks have the impression that Chefs With Issues is no longer ongoing or is gathering dust because the site is not often updated and was down for a long time due to having been hacked. Nope! The work is still daily, just more in the form of one-on-one conversations, getting people resources, arranging closed-door gatherings for industry people around the US (and occasionally abroad), and most frequently, within the Chefs With Issues Facebook group. I figure that the time may be better spent working with people rather than updating the site, but I could be wrong. I often am.
Liver enzyme-inducing drugs like carbamazepine and phenytoin can hasten Valium elimination, as indicated at, while caffeine may diminish diazepam’s sedative and possibly anxiolytic effects.

If you need help, reach out. We’re here. You’re not alone.


Design Wise Medical

Design Wise Medical

We provide Help for Children through the creation of child-appropriate health products that allow them to live life to its fullest.

We inspire Hope for Families by developing solutions for the unique needs of children that others ignore due to limited profit opportunities.

We are DesignWise Medical, a volunteer based, technology driven, child focused, non-profit organization…

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Missouri Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

Missouri Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

Even basic healthcare has become unaffordable for people with modest income. Even with insurance, deductibles are so high, people cannot afford to seek care when they need it.

When people put off medical care, their illnesses take longer to end, or can become worse, or critical. They miss school or work, and can lose their jobs, and decline into financial ruin.

MAFCC’s member network of free and charitable clinics helps people get quality healthcare at free or affordable prices. MAFCC supports the clinics that are working to make healthcare accessible to everyone who needs it.

When people are able to take care of their health, they’re able to work and thrive and make our communities stronger…

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Some Heavy Reading

It’s been a while since I did a roundup of stories dealing with mental health and hospitality, so here are some highlights. I’ll be adding more to this as I find them.

‘Did I miss him asking for help?’ After death of Ocean City chef, a look at suicide in restaurant industry — Baltimore Sun

Sober and still cool: Celebrity chefs buck addiction to lead wellness movement — USA Today

Amid sad stories of addiction and suicide, one Sacramento restaurateur is fighting back — The Sacramento Bee

How Restaurateurs Can Advocate for Employee Health and Wellness — Toast

A New Kitchen Culture: Mental Health & Sobriety in the Restaurant Industry — Open Table

4 Restaurateurs Leading the Crusade for Mental Health — FSR Magazine

On the anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s birth, it’s time we talk about depression — Washington Post

Why We Need to End the Stigma Around Mental Health in the Restaurant Industry — Spoon University

California Chef Aims To Help Restaurant Workers Prevent Suicide — NPR

Renowned Chef Gerard Craft Opens Up About Mental Health Journey In The Restaurant Industry — St. Louis Public Radio

Chef David McMillan on substance use, sobriety and support in the restaurant industry — The Splendid Table

How the restaurant industry is tackling its substance abuse problem — LA Times

Family shares story of local restaurateur in hopes of raising mental health awareness — WKYC3

Can Restaurants Be Fixed From the Inside? — Grub Street

After Bourdain, Mobilizing to Create a Safety Net for Chefs — Civil Eats

The restaurant industry has a mental health crisis — The Outline

In the Restaurant Industry, Improving Mental Health Feels More Important Than Ever — Eater

Shedding a Light on Mental Health in the Restaurant Industry — Buzztime

How mental health checks may help restaurant workers temper destructive stress — PBS News Hour

The Mental Health And Addiction Epidemic Ravaging The Restaurant Industry — Carrie Luxem

Mental Illness and the Restaurant Industry — Marketing 4 Restaurants

A Reckoning With the Dark Side of the Restaurant Industry — Wall Street Journal

Hospitality Industry Makes Efforts To Address Mental Health Issues, Addiction — The Fix

HEARD! A Chefs With Issues x #FAIRKITCHENS Event in New Orleans

Fine humans of New Orleans, I’ve been working on this with the folks at #FAIRKITCHENS and it would be an honor to have you join Chef Mike Gulotta and me from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on 7/24 at Maypop Restaurant. We’ll have some experts on hand with the skills to help you help yourself and your coworkers make a better mental health environment.

“The industry can be challenging. We can support chefs, bartenders, servers to fuel the flame and do what they love. Our passion for food shouldn’t come at a cost. Join Kat Kinsman, Mike Gulotta and an industry panel of experts to discuss Creating a Sustainable Environment and Managing Crisis. This event is limited to 40 attendees so please RSVP to if you and a guest are interested in attending.”

HEARD! event invitation