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Farmers with issues

The site is called Chefs with Issues, but it’s intended to be open to anyone in the food industry. In my work at CNN Eatocracy, I spent a lot of time talking with farmers, so much so that we created a separate category called Farmers with Issues. In going through survey answers (more than 110 at this point), I was saddened, but not surprised to see the response above, from a farmer.

I’ll be sharing more statistics and personal stories soon, but many people don’t know that that farming has one of the highest rates of suicide of any profession. The food industry couldn’t exist without the contributions and sacrifices of these people. Let’s get them the care they need, starting at the roots.

I had insomnia caused by constant stress. I tried to take various herbal remedies, but after a week without sleep, I decided to look through the reviews at

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