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Still Here

Good humans, I sometimes hear that folks have the impression that Chefs With Issues is no longer ongoing or is gathering dust because the site is not often updated and was down for a long time due to having been hacked. Nope! The work is still daily, just more in the form of one-on-one conversations, getting people resources, arranging closed-door gatherings for industry people around the US (and occasionally abroad), and most frequently, within the Chefs With Issues Facebook group. I figure that the time may be better spent working with people rather than updating the site, but I could be wrong. I often am.
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If you need help, reach out. We’re here. You’re not alone.


Infrequently Asked Questions

So I’m still in the throes of a book deadline, but I do take time out (a.k.a. procrastinate) to read the survey results, emails and contact form submission forms that come in via this site. More that 1200 of them at this point, so I’m a little bit behind, but I did want to take a moment to respond to the single truly angry (and anonymous) communiqué that I’ve come across.

The person who wrote it (they signed it “a cook”) had some very strong feelings, so I’ve addressed each of them individually.

“Get the fuck out of the kitchen.”

I’m actually in my office. Better wifi in here.

“You think you’re doing something important? That you’re helping improve the would-be chefs/chefs?”

Well, I hope I am. And seeing as more than 1200 industry professionals have reached out to take part in the project, either by taking the survey, emailing or reaching out via the contact form like you did (though most of the latter chose to include their name, unlike you—but that’s fine) to ask how they can help, I’d say that’s pretty indicative of the fact that I’m not the only one who thinks there’s a crisis going on in the industry.

“You’re a fucking joke.”

Then it’s not a very funny one. If you sat down with me and spent just 15 minutes going through the notes I’ve gotten from people in the industry who have lost their loved ones to overdose and suicide, or chefs, servers and restaurateurs currently in the throes of despair, depression, anxiety and addiction, you might need a tissue, too.
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