Essential Reading

More added as I come across them. Please send suggestions via the contact page.

The True Story of a Chef’s Chef by Andrea Weigl for The News & Observer

Coming out of the Darkness with Chef Danny Mongeon by Danny Mongeon for Ottowa at Home

Why Working in the Restaurant Industry Can Be Hard on Your Mental Health by Kara Baskin for The Boston Globe

The Brief, Extraordinary Life of Cody Spafford by Allecia Vermillion for Seattle Met

Putting Mental Health on the Menu by Mary Luz Mejia for

My Job Nearly Killed Me by Nancy Nichols for D Magazine

Professional Cook Blues by Shuna Lydon

Facing Down Demons with Philip Speer by ChefsFeed

Eating Disorders Are Consuming the Restaurant World by Hannah Howard for Munchies

Food Psych Podcast by Christy Harrison

Nine Lives by Brandon Baltzley

Death on the Farm by Max Kutner for Newsweek

Why Farmer Suicide Rates Are the Highest of Any Occupation by Terezia Farkas for Huffington Post

How Can We Stop Farmer Suicides? by Madeleine Thomas for Grist

Talking Shop: Jesse Schenker by Andrew Friedman for Tocqueland

All or Nothing: One Chef’s Appetite for the Extreme by Jesse Schenker

Being a Celebrity Chef Can Kill You by Emily Shire for The Daily Beast

Lessons Learned From a Line Cook and Addict Who Turned His Life Around by Chris Hill for Medium

Culture of the Kitchen: Cooks Weigh In by Lucky Peach

The Crazy Life of a Chef Is Nothing to Celebrate by Matt Basile for Munchies