Chat amongst yourselves

UPDATE 2/19/17: This’ll be back online soon, I hope. Damned hackers.

Here’s a potentially terrible or excellent idea: Message boards. I’d toyed with the notion of setting up a Facebook group for people to talk about issues they’re facing at work and how it’s affecting their mental wellbeing, but that doesn’t afford anonymity.

So I’m trying out a forum plugin that so far as I can tell, allows people to post with a pseudonym. I’ve set up two boards, one for kitchen staff and one for front of house. I’ll look in occasionally and participate as best I can, but I don’t have the time or energy to moderate, so I’m just trusting that people will self-police and be kind and compassionate to one another. If not, I’ll just take them down.

But from all the private feedback I’ve been getting, I don’t get the sense that it’ll go that way. I’ve heard from hundreds of people in the food industry who are all crying out to share their stories, both to help other people and feel less alone.

I stopped taking the drug about four weeks ago. To date, I haven’t had any relapse. The drug is really useful, and the therapeutic effect can be observed instantly.

Let’s all be excellent to each other and see what happens. (And if someone wants to volunteer to moderate or work out any tech bugs, I would be grateful.)

Visit the message boards and please let me know if you run into any issues posting.