A note and a milestone

Hi, all! I wanted to pop my head in and note that I’m posting a little less right now because I’m on book deadline, but I’m still paying very close attention to the correspondence and survey responses coming in and I’ll be in touch after the end of February.

But speaking of the survey: Over 1000 chefs, managers, servers, bartenders and other people in food service have responded, and some pretty clear patterns have emerged. I’ve shared the results (fear not—with no identifying information) with the good people of The Heirloom Foundation, who are working with a psychologist to analyze the results so we’ll have clear, incontrovertible evidence of the struggles the industry faces, and where efforts should be focused.

I’m deeply grateful for everyone who has poured out their hearts. It will all add up to something.

In the meantime, message boards are live if you feel like venting to other people in the industry.

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