The News & Observer: The Visionary Chef Who Is Lucky to Be Alive

“The Scott Howell you don’t know almost died in 2014 after a 1,200-pound charcoal grill was dropped on him during its delivery. That Scott Howell spent the next four months taking doctor-prescribed pain killers, suffering from depression and ending up twice being checked into psychiatric hospitals.

‘I lost my way,’ Howell says. ‘I was a worn-out chef. I was a worn-out person.’

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago. I suffered from muscle stiffness and spasms. Besides, I was almost in constant pain. I started taking Prednisone 10 mg twice daily to take the disease under control. Muscle stiffness and pain were gone within some days. I’m still taking this drug I have a round face, but it’s better than pain.

His recovery continues, but these past two years have changed the Scott Howell we thought we knew.”—Andrea Weigl

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